CORONA VIRUS UPDATE: All club activities have been postponed until further notice.

Since the lockdown our members have been running alone on the streets and fields close to home to keep fit. We have recently been enjoying some running challenges between members to reduce the feeling of isolation and to keep the NRR spirit alive.

If you have started running to keep fit during lockdown please think about joining us when we are able to run as a club again. Take a look at our facebook page to get a feel for who we are, and to see announcements about when things restart.

Northampton Road Runners running club

To us, running isn't an elitist sport, it's a sport for everyone of all abilities, speeds and distances. If you want to be fit, happy and healthy - you'll love it here!

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A choice of 3 NRR training nights

Running Monday Club Night Northampton
On Mondays at 6 at either the Racecourse or Abington Park we run 5 and 10k.
Running Club Wednesday Night Northampton
On Wednesdays at 6.50pm at The Obelisk Centre in Kingsthorpe we have 5k, 5, 7 or 9 mile routes.
Running Club Friday Night Northampton
On Fridays at 6.50pm at the Obelisk Centre we run 4 and 6 miles.

Whatever your running ability come and join us. We cater for beginners through to ultra runners.

We all only live once (probably), so become the best runner you can be with us and have the time of your life with great people. Enjoy the joy of running with NRR!

Northampton Road Runners has around 150 runners aged 18+ and of almost all abilities. EVERYONE is valued and welcomed. We do all we can to encourage our members to enjoy the running experience with all the benefits that feeling great brings, without strict coaching or performance targets.

We encourage anyone who wants to run to come along and join in. You don't have to be at your very best to visit us - just keen to run. You will receive a warm welcome and plenty of encouragement.

Members run road races, marathons, cross country, Random Distance races, fun events, fell running, Parkrun, and triathlons throughout the year and across the globe. Everyone supports everyone else - regardless of their speed.

We are an authorised England Athletics Runnning Club (registration number 2659143)

There is no need for your running to be a solitary experience. We are friendly bunch. Give it a go!

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