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Not all running clubs are the same! We don't use pushy coaches. We are normal people who love to do amazing things. From 5k to ultra running. Road, trail and countryside. Always running happy. Visit us...

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Whatever your running ability you can be part of our running club. We cater for beginners through to ultra runners. As long as your friendly and keen you will enjoy NRR.

Northampton Road Runners has over 150 runners aged 18+. EVERYONE is valued and welcomed. We do all we can to encourage our members to enjoy the running experience with all the benefits that feeling great brings, without strict coaching or performance targets.

We encourage all runners from across the community to come along and join us. Perhaps you are a solo jogger who wants to push yourself further, someone changing sport or moving to the area. Perhaps you have never felt running clubs are for you or you struggle to run frequently enough. Whatever - give us a go. You never know - you might love it.

We run on and off road, 5k through tu Ultra distances, locally and across the globe. Everyone supports everyone else - regardless of their speed.

We are an authorised England Athletics Runnning Club (registration number 2659143). All members gain EA membership and can enter races as affiliated runners.

Latest Results

Irchester Dirt Run - 23/1/2022

3 Peter Moor 23:40

31 Lesley Mahony 58:33
16 Roger Taylor 53:28
39 Sheena Desborough 1:02:35
42 Louise Linnett 1:03:07
47 Katie Wright 1:05:24
60 Theresa Haworth 1:10:33

6 Tony Letts 1:00:37
9 Graham Woodin 1:04:18
14 Scott Mccrone 1:07:20
22 Chris Mcfaul 1:11:42
32 Nick Hibberd 1:19:31
52 Terri Martin 1:31:37
53 Chris Potter 1:31:41
55 Zoe Pickering 1:31:54
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