Northampton Road Runners Beginners running group

Northampton Road Runners Beginners running group

If you want to start runnning then think about joining our 'Couch to 5k' and 'Run Walk group'. We offer 3 x 10 week courses on Wednesdays at 6 till 7pm at the Obelisk Centre Northampton. There is a £20 charge for the 10 weeks.

Note: minimum age for participation is 18.

These courses run in March, June and September. Don't worry if you cant run - we will help you on your journey to fitness. You won't be thrown into the deep end with the main club, its a low key group that starts before the NRR group arrives. If you want to join us email

Moving on to the main NRR group

5k is what you need to be able to run to be able to join Northampton Road Runners. Once you can run 5k you will be able to enjoy running with members who would be at the same level as you. You would be able to take part in the local running routes and, if you want, the races that our runners enjoy

The first step is turn up to our club night and we will make sure someone will run with you for that evenings run.

If you are uncertain, perhaps you feel its a big jump, or you're nervous about running with new people, then don't. We are a friendly bunch and love to welcome new runners. Come along and have some fun.

If you want more info please contact NRR and we will give you all the information you need.

Testimonials (starting September 2019)

"i did the park run on Saturday at the race course. Wasn't looking for a particular time, just more of a nice morning jog. Everytime i felt myself slouch or take it too easy - all i could hear was Mark going though my head "head up, breath and keep your arm pumping!" needless to say, i ran my fastest 5k without killing myself @ 31 minutes, and sticking to the basics you and mark are drilling into us on the beginners group" - Phil

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