parkrun Fanclub

The NRR parkrun Fanclub

Do you love parkrun like we do? parkrun has transformed the world of running making our sport so much more accessible to all abilities. We think that's brilliant. Many of us run park run every week. You are welcome to train and run with us.

Northampton Road Runners has a 5k distance training run at 7pm The Obelisk Centre on Wednesday nights, and at 6pm at our Monday night "at the park" session at either Northampton Racecourse or Abington Park (see facebook for details).

We run at all speeds so if you can run a parkrun in under 35 minutes you'll be fine. We run 5k 'out and back' to help keep the group together.

As a club we organise 2 Northampton Park Run take-overs a year, and our members run all the local events and travel globally as parkun Tourists.

To join in please just visit our of our sessions or say hello to anyone wearing our kit at a parkrun. You will be amongst friends here.

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