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Northampton Road Runners
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NRR Challenge Scores

Here are the current team scores for the NRR Challenge.

The NRR Challenge. everyone gets 1 point per event completed with a maximum of 3 points per event. Bonus points for completing specific events are shown on the rules sheet. We give points for volunteering. Remember - its for fun. Get to know people. Have a laugh. Do events together.

Standings at 28th November 2018

Eastern Avenuers 459
Specs Lanes 406
Brampton Valleys 385
Rushmere Roaders 324
Total 1574

James Thorpe Eastern Avenuers 37
Karen Shakespeare Eastern Avenuers 37
Mark Kennedy Eastern Avenuers 30
Andy Rosewell Brampton Valleys 29
Charlotte Yarker Rushmere Roaders 26
Dan Clifft Specs Lanes 26
Tony Letts Eastern Avenuers 26
Wendy Ambrose Specs Lanes 26
Ilir Brecani Eastern Avenuers 25
Ronnie Ambrose Eastern Avenuers 25
Bob Fuller Brampton Valleys 24
Helen Hubber Specs Lanes 24
Alan Hall Eastern Avenuers 23
Pete Moor Specs Lanes 23
Roger Taylor Brampton Valleys 23
Sarah  Davis Specs Lanes 23
Vicki Baker Specs Lanes 23
Bryan Ogilvie Eastern Avenuers 22
Mark Lewis Specs Lanes 22
Mark Garrett Specs Lanes 22
Michael Williams Specs Lanes 22
Sally Garrett Brampton Valleys 22
Jocelyn Granger Specs Lanes 21
Jon Dilworth Rushmere Roaders 21
Matt Bushell Rushmere Roaders 21
Paula Solomon Rushmere Roaders 21
Alan Wadsworth Eastern Avenuers 20
John Gibbins Rushmere Roaders 19
Justin Yorke Eastern Avenuers 19
Karen Eke Eastern Avenuers 19
Mark Manning Brampton Valleys 19
Sarah  McGarry Rushmere Roaders 19
Andy Cotterell Specs Lanes 18
Elaine Palmer Brampton Valleys 18
Lynsey  Brecani Brampton Valleys 18
Mitchell Baines Eastern Avenuers 18
Seb Perry Brampton Valleys 18
Shaun Leddington Brampton Valleys 18
Sheena Desborough Brampton Valleys 18
Steve Prior Eastern Avenuers 18
Helen Blackburn Specs Lanes 17
Ian Hughes Brampton Valleys 17
Nicholas Wilson Brampton Valleys 17
Robert Hemingway Rushmere Roaders 17
Suzanne Baldwin Rushmere Roaders 17
Andy Lack Specs Lanes 16
Caroline Owers Specs Lanes 16
Jo Smith Eastern Avenuers 16
Jo Letts Rushmere Roaders 15
John Eales Rushmere Roaders 15
Darren Baldwin Brampton Valleys 14
Dawn Bailham Rushmere Roaders 14
Debra Tame Rushmere Roaders 14
Mick Conroy Brampton Valleys 14
Rachel Palmer Rushmere Roaders 14
Stuart Drummond Specs Lanes 14
Dave Blackburn Eastern Avenuers 13
Simon Taylor Rushmere Roaders 13
Claire Eales Brampton Valleys 12
Darren Byfield Eastern Avenuers 12
Gavin Harris Specs Lanes 12
Mark Nicholls Rushmere Roaders 12
Norbert Mihalik Eastern Avenuers 12
Owen Jones Brampton Valleys 12
Andy Shaw Specs Lanes 11
Jo Hewlett Eastern Avenuers 11
Liz Dabell Eastern Avenuers 11
Michael Hollowell Brampton Valleys 11
Rachel Smith Specs Lanes 11
Rob Corless Rushmere Roaders 11
Tony Kennedy Brampton Valleys 11
Keren Irving Eastern Avenuers 10
John Fleming Brampton Valleys 9
Karen Denton Eastern Avenuers 9
Matt Crosse Brampton Valleys 9
Stephen Boyce Brampton Valleys 9
Thomas High Specs Lanes 9
Debbie Holmes Eastern Avenuers 8
Ed Taylor Specs Lanes 8
Jo Jones Specs Lanes 8
Alan Capell Eastern Avenuers 7
Charlie Boyce Eastern Avenuers 7
George Smith Rushmere Roaders 7
Mark Rose Specs Lanes 7
Paul Macdonald Rushmere Roaders 7
Chrissy Boyce Specs Lanes 6
David Green Brampton Valleys 6
Jon Panter Eastern Avenuers 6
Lee McRae Brampton Valleys 6
Adam Bull Rushmere Roaders 5
Carole Whatton Specs Lanes 5
Dave Whatton Brampton Valleys 5
David Knowles Eastern Avenuers 5
Maria  Minnett Specs Lanes 5
Matthew Whitbread Rushmere Roaders 5
Emma Grove Rushmere Roaders 4
Jess Fowler Rushmere Roaders 4
Mick  Bholgal Specs Lanes 4
Paula Towers Brampton Valleys 4
Sarah  Purvey Rushmere Roaders 4
Stephanie Steward Eastern Avenuers 4
Adrian Matthews Brampton Valleys 3
Chloe Anfield Brampton Valleys 3
Chris Holmes Brampton Valleys 3
Hayley Munn Brampton Valleys 3
John Havelock Brampton Valleys 3
Richard Wild Eastern Avenuers 3
Robert Donovan Eastern Avenuers 3
Stephen Kennedy Specs Lanes 3
Tom Watkins Rushmere Roaders 3
Barry Goudriaan Rushmere Roaders 2
Dave  Frost Rushmere Roaders 2
Helen Russell Brampton Valleys 2
Nicholas Allbury Rushmere Roaders 2
Rosie Bick (Clifford) Specs Lanes 2
Stephen Cory Eastern Avenuers 2
Alan Hackett Rushmere Roaders 1
Andrew Pate Specs Lanes 1
Avtar Kaur Rushmere Roaders 1
Claire Pollendine Rushmere Roaders 1
Dan Breydin Rushmere Roaders 1
Emily Clarke Rushmere Roaders 1
Gemma McRea Specs Lanes 1
Jacqui Hughes Rushmere Roaders 1
Jenny Lindroth Brampton Valleys 1
Jon Cornwell Rushmere Roaders 1
Martin Gooding Eastern Avenuers 1
Matt Clarke Rushmere Roaders 1
Michael Elvin Brampton Valleys 1
Richard Hill Rushmere Roaders 1
Samantha Crouch Rushmere Roaders 1
Theresa Raynor Brampton Valleys 1
Thomas Bond Brampton Valleys 1
Tom Smith Brampton Valleys 1
Abhishek Strivastava Rushmere Roaders 0
Aleisha Boreland Rushmere Roaders 0
Andrew Verra Rushmere Roaders 0
Damien Jones Rushmere Roaders 0
George Yates Brampton Valleys 0
Isobella Knight Rushmere Roaders 0
Jo Windrum Rushmere Roaders 0
Lawrence Dickens Brampton Valleys 0
Mark Johnson Rushmere Roaders 0
Martin Rowe Rushmere Roaders 0
Peter Currington Rushmere Roaders 0
Rebecca Hollowell Rushmere Roaders 0
Rebecca Shillington Brampton Valleys 0
Ryan Toone Specs Lanes 0
Timothy Redding Rushmere Roaders 0