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Northampton Road Runners
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NRR Challenge Scores

Here are the current team scores for the NRR Challenge.

The NRR Challenge. everyone gets 1 point per event completed with a maximum of 3 points per event. Bonus points for completing specific events are shown on the rules sheet. We give points for volunteering. Remember - its for fun. Get to know people. Have a laugh. Do events together.

Standings at 2nd February 2019

Eastern Avenuers 529 (+24)
Specs Lanes 456 (+18)
Brampton Valleys 451 (+22)
Rushmere Roaders 371 (+18)

Total 1807 (+82)

Alan Hall Eastern Avenuers 28
Alan Wadsworth Eastern Avenuers 21
Alan Capell Eastern Avenuers 7
Abhishek Strivastava Rushmere Roaders 0
Adam Bull Rushmere Roaders 5
Adrian Matthews Brampton Valleys 3
Alan Hackett Rushmere Roaders 1
Aleisha Boreland Rushmere Roaders 0
Andrew Pate Specs Lanes 1
Andrew Verra Rushmere Roaders 0
Andy Cotterell Specs Lanes 19
Andy Shaw Specs Lanes 12
Andy Lack Specs Lanes 17
Andy Rosewell Brampton Valleys 33
Avtar Kaur Rushmere Roaders 1
Barry Goudriaan Rushmere Roaders 2
Bob Fuller Brampton Valleys 45
Bryan Ogilvie Eastern Avenuers 23
Carole Whatton Specs Lanes 8
Caroline Owers Specs Lanes 19
Charlie Boyce Eastern Avenuers 10
Charlotte Davies Rushmere Roaders 3
Charlotte Yarker Rushmere Roaders 26
Chloe Anfield Brampton Valleys 3
Chris Holmes Brampton Valleys 4
Chrissy Boyce Specs Lanes 9
Claire Eales Brampton Valleys 12
Claire Pollendine Rushmere Roaders 2
Damien Jones Rushmere Roaders 1
Dan Clifft Specs Lanes 27
Dan Breydin Rushmere Roaders 1
Darren Baldwin Brampton Valleys 17
Darren Byfield Eastern Avenuers 12
Dave Whatton Brampton Valleys 8
Dave Blackburn Eastern Avenuers 17
Dave  Frost Rushmere Roaders 2
David Green Brampton Valleys 7
David Knowles Eastern Avenuers 5
Dawn Bailham Rushmere Roaders 14
Debbie Holmes Eastern Avenuers 8
Debra Tame Rushmere Roaders 16
Ed Taylor Specs Lanes 10
Elaine Palmer Brampton Valleys 20
Emma Grove Rushmere Roaders 4
Emily Clarke Rushmere Roaders 1
Gavin Harris Specs Lanes 13
Gemma McRea Specs Lanes 1
George Smith Rushmere Roaders 7
George Yates Brampton Valleys 0
Hayley Munn Brampton Valleys 3
Helen Hubber Specs Lanes 27
Helen Blackburn Specs Lanes 21
Helen Russell Brampton Valleys 2
Ian Hughes Brampton Valleys 17
Ilir Brecani Eastern Avenuers 29
Isobella Knight Rushmere Roaders 0
Jacqui Hughes Rushmere Roaders 1
James Thorpe Eastern Avenuers 40
Jane Ovington Rushmere Roaders 0
Jess Fowler Rushmere Roaders 7
Jenny Lindroth Brampton Valleys 1
Jo Hewlett Eastern Avenuers 11
Jo Jones Specs Lanes 9
Jo Smith Eastern Avenuers 19
Jo Letts Rushmere Roaders 19
Jo Windrum Rushmere Roaders 1
Jocelyn Granger Specs Lanes 23
John Eales Rushmere Roaders 15
John Gibbins Rushmere Roaders 22
John Havelock Brampton Valleys 3
John Fleming Brampton Valleys 12
Jon Cornwell Rushmere Roaders 1
Jon Dilworth Rushmere Roaders 21
Jon Panter Eastern Avenuers 7
Justin Twomey Rushmere Roaders 0
Justin Yorke Eastern Avenuers 19
Karen Shakespeare Eastern Avenuers 52
Karen Denton Eastern Avenuers 9
Karen Eke Eastern Avenuers 23
Keren Irving Eastern Avenuers 13
Lawrence Dickens Brampton Valleys 0
Lee McRae Brampton Valleys 6
Liz Dabell Eastern Avenuers 11
Lynsey  Brecani Brampton Valleys 18
Maria  Minnett Specs Lanes 6
Mark Kennedy Eastern Avenuers 33
Mark Lewis Specs Lanes 24
Mark Garrett Specs Lanes 28
Mark Manning Brampton Valleys 22
Mark Nicholls Rushmere Roaders 15
Mark Rose Specs Lanes 8
Mark Johnson Rushmere Roaders 0
Martin Gooding Eastern Avenuers 1
Martin Rowe Rushmere Roaders 0
Matt Bushell Rushmere Roaders 28
Matt Clarke Rushmere Roaders 3
Matt Crosse Brampton Valleys 9
Matthew Whitbread Rushmere Roaders 5
Michael Williams Specs Lanes 23
Mike Elvin Brampton Valleys 2
Michael Hollowell Brampton Valleys 12
Mick Conroy Brampton Valleys 16
Mick  Bholgal Specs Lanes 4
Mitchell Baines Eastern Avenuers 21
Nicholas Wilson Brampton Valleys 18
Nicholas Allbury Rushmere Roaders 2
Norbert Mihalik Eastern Avenuers 16
Owen Jones Brampton Valleys 12
Paul Macdonald Rushmere Roaders 7
Paula Solomon Rushmere Roaders 22
Paula Towers Brampton Valleys 4
Peter Currington Rushmere Roaders 0
Pete Moor Specs Lanes 26
Rachel Smith Specs Lanes 12
Rachel Palmer Rushmere Roaders 17
Rebecca Hollowell Rushmere Roaders 0
Rebecca Shillington Brampton Valleys 0
Richard Hill Rushmere Roaders 1
Richard Wild Eastern Avenuers 5
Robert Hemingway Rushmere Roaders 21
Rob Corless Rushmere Roaders 12
Robert Donovan Eastern Avenuers 3
Roger Taylor Brampton Valleys 27
Ronnie Ambrose Eastern Avenuers 29
Rosie Bick (Clifford) Specs Lanes 2
Ryan Toone Specs Lanes 0
Sally Garrett Brampton Valleys 26
Samantha Crouch Rushmere Roaders 2
Sarah  Davis Specs Lanes 25
Sarah  McGarry Rushmere Roaders 20
Sarah  Purvey Rushmere Roaders 4
Seb Perry Brampton Valleys 19
Shaun Leddington Brampton Valleys 19
Sheena Desborough Brampton Valleys 21
Simon Taylor Rushmere Roaders 14
Stephanie Steward Eastern Avenuers 4
Steve Boyce Brampton Valleys 13
Stephen Cory Eastern Avenuers 2
Stephen Kennedy Specs Lanes 3
Steve Prior Eastern Avenuers 19
Stuart Drummond Specs Lanes 15
Suzanne Baldwin Rushmere Roaders 20
Theresa Raynor Brampton Valleys 2
Thomas High Specs Lanes 11
Thomas Bond Brampton Valleys 1
Timothy Redding Rushmere Roaders 1
Tom Smith Brampton Valleys 1
Tom Watkins Rushmere Roaders 4
Tony Letts Eastern Avenuers 32
Tony Kennedy Brampton Valleys 13
Vicki Baker Specs Lanes 23
Wendy Ambrose Specs Lanes 30