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Post Run Stretching – Week 4

We have covered the basics of Why, When and How to do our stretching in week 1, so refer back to that article for a reminder of those details if you need to. We have looked at some alternatives in weeks 2 and 3. Here are other alternatives for the glutes and adductors plus one for your ITB and hamstrings combined.

Glutes – Back Lying Figure 4

Glute Stretches

  1. Lying on back, with feet flat on ground & knees at 90 degrees (Relaxation position).
  2. Bring the ankle of one leg to rest above the knee of the other leg.
  3. Reach forwards with both hands clasping them around the back of thigh of the bent leg, one hand reaches through the hole created by both legs, the other hand goes around the outside of the thigh. You might need to sit up a tittle to achieve this.
  4. Relax the body back to lying, pulling the bent leg with you, creating the stretch in the glutes of the leg resting on your knee.
  5. Maintain stretch for 30 seconds.

Adductor Stretch (Horse)

Abductor Stretch

  1. Stand with feet as far apart as comfortably possible, allow toes to point away to sides so feet form a direction of 90 degrees.
  2. Squat down pushing backside to the rear, head and shoulders up, keeping lower back straight.
  3. Make a fist with one hand, place it inside the other hand.
  4. Place elbows into inside of knees and push knees away
  5. To check on feet position, in the stretch engaged position, feet should be no wider than the knees.

Hamstrings & ITB Band (Standing) (Do not do this stretch if you have lower back issues)

Hamstring stretchHamstring Stretch 2

  1. Stable standing position, cross one foot over the other, even weight on both feet.
  2. Gently roll down to reach towards toes; you don’t need to touch toes if flexibility does not allow.
  3. Hang there for 20 seconds.
  4. Move hands around feet towards the side of the front leg.
  5. You can even push the hips to the side of the back leg, reaching the hands further away to maintain balance, feel the stretch increase in the outer side of the back leg.
  6. Keep stretch on for another 20 seconds.

  If anyone has any questions about stretching or need guidance when we are back together at the club, please do ask.
That is the last of the stretching articles; I hope you have found them useful.

Remember, they are only effective if you do them! Refer to the first article to remember basic technique.


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