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Post run stretches part 3 - Glutes and abductor stretches

The What, Why, When and How of Post Run Stretching – Week 3

We have covered the basics of Why, When and How to do our stretching in week 1,so refer back to those articles for a reminder of those details if you need to. We have also seen a few additional stretches covering the major running muscle groups in week 2.

Here is another alternative to the glute stretch plus an adductor stretch.

Glutes – Standing Figure 4

glutes stretch standing

  1. Standing on one leg slightly bent, place the ankle of the other leg on the knee of the standing leg.
  2. Reaching your hands forward to keep your body weight forward, lower your body on the standing leg by bending the knee.
  3. You might need a support to steady yourself during this stretch.
  4. Keep stretch on for 30 seconds.

Adductor Stretch (Standing)

abductor stretch standing

  1. Stand with feet facing forward but as far apart as comfortably possible (probably about three feet apart)
  2. Transfer your weight over to one side, bending the leg on the side you have moved to, keeping the other leg straight and both feet flat on the ground pointing forwards.
  3. Bring hands together, allow elbow on side you have moved to to rest on knee of bent leg for stability.
  4. Keep head and shoulders up and lower back straight.

If anyone has any questions about stretching or need guidance when we are back together at the club, please do ask.
There are a few others that we’ll finish with next week.  


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