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If you live in the Northampton area, and you enjoy running then you can run with us. If you can't yet run five miles visit our

beginners running page
If you can then read on.

We have all sorts of runners join us for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps:

Run with us and discover the best runner you can be

We are a running club that focuses on the pleasure of running competitively in the company of good friends. If you run with us you will get very fit, perform well at races, and have a great time.

But we do say to people that If they want a highly structured training regime then they should either combine NRR with other training groups, or join one of the local track running clubs.

If you go to any local race you will see our shirts worn by quality athletes in good numbers. So we must be getting something right!

Jump in your car and pop along to see us

Please feel free to pop along to one of our club nights and we will buddy you up with someone of a similar speed / ability to you on one of our runs. You are welcome to run with us for 2 nights before we ask you to make a decision about becoming a member. The club fee is nominal.

If you are still unsure or nervous then please

contact us application form
or ask any member at a local race for more information.

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