‚ÄčNorthampton Road Runners Asterix Amble

The third off road event arranged by NRR was another all round success, taking in some of Northamptonshire's beautiful countryside.

Our latest exclusive, invitation only adventure around the lovely scenery of Northamptonshire saw us blessed with a beautiful sunny frosty morning for the 34 amblers which included a good number of our friends from The Green Army (W&DAC).

The 15.8 miles of a multi-terrain type route was a good test for all.

This no-frills type of event relies on common sense, reading ability and never say die attitude, so what can go wrong.

As it happens, nothing and all seemed to have a nice tough run with many seeing places never visited on runs before.

Many a dog walker or horse rider were shocked to meet a bunch of sweaty, steaming, snotty runners appearing around a hedge charging towards them. 

All made it back with only a few small diversions from the course route for which I of course take NO blame. 

On return we were treated to a feast put on by Paula and her munchkins for which we were very grateful. 

Many thanks to everyone who helped and joined in to make a great day.

And we even raised a few quid for charity so pretty much a perfect day.

Stand by for our next adventure.

Mark Garrett


  1. Norbert Mihalik 2:05:35
  2. Jon Panter 2:13:00
  3. = Katherine Baxter 2:36:30 W&D
  4. Beckie Hollowell
  5. Darren Baldwin
  6. Mark Garrett
  7. Helen Etherington 2:37:00 W&D
  8. = Natasha Wain 3:03:20 W&D
  9. Martin Newton W&D
  10. = Wendy Parker 3:04:00
  11. Elaine Palmer
  12. = Cath Weiss 3:19:20 W&D
  13. Howard Smith W&D
  14. Steve Kearns W&D
  15. = Vicki Baker 3:20:21
  16. Steve Cory
  17. Mike Palmer 3:21:00
  18. = Keren Irving 3:26:00
  19. Mark Lewis
  20. = Debbie Tame 3:26:35 
  21. Mandi Kimberley
  22. = Margaret Bond 3:27:00 W&D
  23. Helen Blackburn
  24. Rachael Smith 3:27:40
  25. = Suzanne Baldwin 3:28:35
  26. Linda Rowse W&D
  27. Sarah Rowse W&D
  28. Ian Mann W&D
  29. = Sheena Desborough 3:34:10
  30. Jo Hewlett
  31. Caroline Owers

14 miles (enough for anyone)  Sally Garrett and Michael Hollowell

Thanks also to our sweeper who never caught anyone (set off 1 hr later)

Tony Letts 2:36:00

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