Astrix Amble

The weather gods were kind and an urban route within Northampton showed off some really nice parts of town. Most runners visited parts they had never noticed before and we received some very complimentary reviews. Especially from our visitors. Charlie and his angels, Karen, Sue, Helen and Alan ensured that all were well fed on their return. A good sum of money was raised for MNDA charity and helped round off a great day. Stand by for the 2020 Obelisk Obble on Sun Mar 22nd.

Name   Time   Club
21 miles        
Mike Quinn   03:07:00   W&DAC
Dan Clifft   03:07:00   NRR
Michael Williams   03:10:00   NRR
Jon Gibbins   03:18:00   NRR
Beckie Hollowell   03:19:00   NRR
Michael Hollowell   03:19:00   NRR
Darren Baldwin   03:38:00   NRR
Suzanne Baldwin   04:02:00   NRR
Elaine Palmer   04:02:00   NRR
Paula Towers   04:02:00   NRR
Jo Smith   04:02:00   NRR
Gavin Simpson   04:10:00   W&DAC
Tom Newton   04:18:00   W&DAC
Tracy Carstairs   04:18:00   W&DAC
Amanda Davis   04:26:00   W&DAC
Mary Shepherd   04:27:00   DRRC
Dem Oreale   04:27:00   Team Balancise
16 miles        
Ady King   02:00:00   KTH
Kemal Mehmet   02:00:00   KTH
James Terry   02:15:00   W&DAC
Mark Garrett   02:30:00   NRR
Steve Prior   02:39:00   NRR
Jamie Boardman   02:39:00    
Alan Wadsworth   02:48:00   NRR
Sam Crouch   02:48:00   NRR
Andy Rosewell   02:48:00   NRR
Jason Gurney   02:49:00   Wootton RR
John Ferris   02:49:00   Wootton RR
Roger Taylor   02:53:00   NRR
Alan Hall   02:53:00   NRR
Matt Whitebread   02:53:00   NRR
Rob Corless   02:53:00   NRR
Louise Fuller   03:16:00   NRR
Bob Fuller   03:16:00   NRR
Vicki Kemp   03:16:00   W&DAC
Ian Mann   03:16:00   W&DAC
Jo Gordon   03:16:00   WRR
Tracy Street   03:16:00    
Loreto Shiels   03:20:00   W&DAC
Rachel Palmer   03:24:00   NRR
Karen Shakespeare   03:24:00   NRR
Rachael Smith   03:24:00   NRR
Avtar Kaur   03:39:00   NRR
Jo Hewlett   03:45:00   NRR
Dawn Bailham   03:45:00   NRR
Sheena desborough   03:45:00   NRR
Caroline Owers   03:45:00   NRR
Emily Clarke   03:45:00   NRR
Maria Minnett   03:45:00   NRR
Debra Tame   03:45:00   NRR
Helen Blackburn   03:45:00   NRR
Dave Blackburn   03:45:00   NRR
Ann Goodwin   04:05:00   DRRC
Vicky Kemp   04:05:00   SheCanRun
Matt Bushell       NRR
Mike Elvin       NRR

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